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Laser marking systems is among the premier application locations of laser processing. Laser marking generally is a marking method that requires advantage of a significant Electrical energy density laser to regionally irradiate the workpiece, causing the surface space solution to vaporize or bear a colour-modifying chemical response, thus leaving a long term mark. Laser marking can generate various people, symbols, and types, etcetera. The scale of your respective figures can array amongst millimeter to micron scale, that is of Certain importance to the anti-counterfeiting of goods.

The fundamental principle of laser marking would be that the laser generator generates a considerable Energy continuous laser beam, as well as the centered laser features in the substrate product or service, triggering the region substance to soften or maybe vaporize immediately, and by managing the path While using the laser on The material surface area, the specified graphic mark is fashioned.

Laser marking choices non-Get in touch with processing is normally marked on any shaped floor area, the workpiece will never deform and generate internal nervousness, perfect for metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, leather-dependent, along with other components marking.

The laser can mark Pretty much all parts (for example piston, piston ring, valve, valve seat, hardware means, sanitary ware, Digital components, etcetera.), in addition to the mark is use-resistant, the generation study course of action is not hard to obtain automation, the deformation of the marked ingredient is smaller sized.

Laser marking machine adopts the scanning way of marking, that may be absolutely, the laser beam is incident on The 2 mirrors, the use of Laptop method-managed scanning motor drives the mirror combined with the X and Y axis rotation, the laser beam is centered on the marked workpiece, Thus forming a laser mark traces

The core of laser marking equipment will be the laser marking Management technique, Therefore, the celebration of laser marking is the party implies of the marking Command method. In only 8 a very long time from 1995 to 2003, the Manage system in the sphere of laser marking has gone through the period of huge framework, the period of time with the rotating mirror and likewise the era Along with the vibrating mirror, in addition the Control system has also completed a quantity of evolution from instant method Regulate to higher and diminished Computer system technique Regulate to precise-time processing and time-sharing multiplexing, and now, the emergence and improvement of semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, and also ultraviolet lasers have put ahead new challenges to optical system Regulate. The

Massive structure period

When in the so-called big structure, the Handle Part of the plotter is utilised immediately over the laser equipment First of all, the plotter is taken off, and forty five° folding mirrors are set in on the X-axis Basis stage, Y-axis foundation stage, https://www.chineselaser.com/laser-control-software/ and one of a kind plotter posture at (0, 0), and modest concentrating mirrors are set up from the lessened cease of the very first plotter situation to information and facts the optical path and concentrate the beam. The most obvious advantage of This system is that it's substantial in width and will frequently fulfill the necessities of reasonably very low precision marking without the need to possess for Specific marking Laptop or computer software; Even so, this process has cons which include things like slow marking rate, modest Administration precision, high mechanical don in the pen arm, bad dependability and large sizing. Therefore, as soon as the Original endeavor, the drawing ceremony of large framework laser marking system progressively out during the marking marketplace, the application of the exact same kind of big structure devices are in essence imitating the prior Handle system, with servo motor pushed large-velocity massive-construction course of action, and When utilizing the gradual enhancement to the three-dimensional dynamic focus vibrating mirror scanning course of action, major structure procedure will progressively vanish from the sphere of laser marking.

The period of rotating mirror

Like a consequence of a number of shortcomings of the large composition process, some Command engineers formulated their one of a kind stepper motor-driven rotating mirror scanning approach ahead in the substantial-pace vibrating mirror engineering was broadly popular in China. The rotation of one's gold mirror can make the laser motion position over the Doing aircraft shift though within the X and Y axis respectively, and The two mirrors act in live performance so the laser can total the motion of straight traces and many curves throughout the Operating plane. This Administration system is extra of the massive composition regarding tempo and positioning precision, so to a sizable extent, it could meet up with up with the necessities of your respective Device sector for laser Command, Even though there stays for being a relatively noticeable hole with the popular Global vibrating mirror scanning procedure In the mean time, strictly Talking, the emergence and gradual advancement of the layout and magnificence Idea signifies a milestone in China's laser reasons that's a standard indicator that China can wholly framework and create its pretty very own laser It is actually a normal sign that China can fully type and produce its possess laser program applications. It wasn't right up until eventually the rise of the massive-scale software of oscillating mirrors in China this Regulate technique was in depth withdrawn in the section of Chinese laser purposes.

Oscillating Mirror Time period


In 1998, the big-scale application of vibrating mirror scanning techniques in China started to reach. [The so-known as oscillating mirror, which might be referred to as The existing meter, follows precisely the composition technique of the current meter, the lens replaces the meter needle, as well as signal Along with the probe is transformed by a pc-controlled -5V-5V DC indication to accomplish the intended movement. Comparable to the rotary mirror scanning program, this frequent Take care of approach will take benefit of a list of folding mirrors, the actual difference is that the stepper motor driving this set of lenses is changed by a servo motor, Within just this Deal with application, using placement sensors and adverse responses loop composition Suggestions to added be certain the precision of the process, the scanning pace and repeat positioning precision of The entire system to a totally new amount.